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Helpful Staging Tips

Successful staging is key to selling your home quickly and at the best price. 

Curb Appeal

Boost Curb appeal- Eliminate any unused vehicles, campers, hoses, any items that take away from the main view- “the house” 


Power wash walkways and siding. Wash windows inside and out. The front porch and foyer should be clean, pleasant and welcoming. 


Most everyone loves pets but as a homeowner we may not notice pet odors and eliminating any potential odors from pets, smoking or cooking fish is as important as having indoor plumbing.

Strike a Balance

Strike a balance between clean and lived in. Give the home an all over clean sweep. Use a scented soap like ™Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Multi Surface Spray Soap, or dilute ™Dawn soap and add a dash of lemon juice. Then spray a little ™Febreze or see the home remedy below. 

Set the Table

In contrast to eliminating clutter, if you have a nice set of dishes staging the table with full place settings can leave prove to be very inviting. 


Take a step back and try to see your home from the buyers eyes. Remove or hide remote controls, miscellaneous papers, soaps, dishes, garbage baskets, shoes, jackets,  etc. Just keep one or two items on kitchen counters and tables.  

Lighten Up

Check each light bulb in the entire home and replace all burned out bulbs with bright replacements.

Those Computer Cords

Electrical cords distract buyers attention. Hide or remove where at all possible.

Painting and Remodeling

Your Real Estate Professional can advise you on items that may take a little bit more then just elbow grease. Ask them what investments will pay off big-time.  Some will and some won't so it is important to rely on the professionals for this advice. 

It Seems Impossible

It may seem overwhelming at first but just take one room at a time and don't start another one until the first one is complete. If you can't keep the home show ready 24/7 while listed at least preparing for the initial photo shoot could make the difference. 

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